FAQ for Schools

Why Choose Apollo After School?

Apollo After School is a supercharged day-care/enrichment program geared toward the advancement of elementary students before and after school. Students will be involved in structured, entertaining activities that will help them develop and strengthen their self-esteem, imagination, morale, and social skills. Parents will be happy to know that their children will always be supervised in this safe environment. Our self-sustaining program can deliver additional resources to your school without the hassle.

How is Apollo After School Better than Other Programs?

Apollo After School manages all aspects of the program including administration, curriculum, supplies, and teachers. Parents do not have to arrange for babysitting or transportation way from the school site for day-care, adding convenience and value to their school experience. Whether your school needs special instruction, ESL programs, or homework tutoring sessions, we can tailor our curriculum to fit your school’s standards. Not only that, but we share our revenue with you.

Does Apollo After School Require Space?

Apollo After School can adapt itself to whatever space the school can provide us. Space dedicated to the program is appreciated, but we understand this can be difficult. Previously, we have worked in gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias, classrooms, and even hallways. Regardless of where we are, we leave these spaces as neat and tidy as when we entered. The only thing we do require is an established place to leave our portable equipment.

How Do Families Join and Pay for Apollo After School?

At ApolloAfterSchool.com, families will find registration forms and payment methods. If parents want to learn more about our Apollo After School team, they can call 855-KIDS-ASP and speak directly with a staff member. Parents will be able to reach their children’s educators on phones that site directors always bring along.

Who Are Apollo After School Personnel?

Apollo After School educators are social workers, university students, and teachers trained and experienced in elementary school education. Apollo After School’s Training Team gives both on and off-line training programs that all our educators must pass before they can join the team.

How Do We Sign Up? Where Can We Learn More About the Program?

Fill out our contact form online or call 855-KIDS-ASP. Our school partnership coordinators look forward to answering questions and helping you incorporate Apollo After School into your school.