After School Enrichment Programs

The Apollo After School enrichment programs offer a range of day-care activities to keep children safe and active right up until the moment parents pick them up. Students are escorted to the designated meeting place right after their regular classes finish. The afternoon begins with a tasty and nutritious snack. After their refreshment, children proceed to their enrichment classes.

Enrollment is a simple and easy process. Parents can enjoy the flexibility to choose as many or as few courses as necessary, but they are continuously available throughout the week. The enrichment classes are supplemented by unstructured free time where children can enjoy board games, outdoor sports, reading, writing or sharing their ideas.

Our homework zone is a dedicated quiet area for students to complete assignments. Some children also take advantage of this space to draw or practice creative writing. A qualified educator is always available to assist children who need extra help while being careful to assist a student’s own personal learning rather than provide answers. These educators are trained communicators who understand how to obtain useful information from school teachers in order to supplement each child’s unique learning process as well as keep after school enrichment activities beneficial and entertaining.

Apollo After School also offers an Extended Day Program to parents who need more time before picking up their children. This program lasts until 6pm.