Our Approach

Apollo After School provides an exceptional array of quality after-school programs for young people. We employ educational leaders and innovative program designers. Our periodic review process accounts for parental feedback and fosters innovative programming.

Our core program adheres to the following principles:

• Assist children with addressing problematic behaviors to develop healthy outlets.
• Improve intellectual interest through active learning experiences.
• Encourage children to identify and articulate career interests.
• Enhance personal development in a group environment.
• Provide students with opportunities to study or pursue artistic projects.

The Apollo After School maintains a core set of values:

• We maintain a supportive, low-stress environment conductive to learning and growing.
• We provide safe and affordable child care before and after regular school hours.
• We coordinate our programming with each school to complement their existing curriculum.
• We provide children with exciting and engaging activities.

Our iterative process is a proven method for enhancing the physical and emotional health of every child. We meet each child’s social needs while encouraging their academic development.