FAQ for Parents

Why Should I Choose Apollo After School?

The primary focus of Apollo After School is to enrich children in elementary school. Instead of off-site day-care or babysitting services, Extended Day Care with us means your child never needs to leave their school until you are ready to pick them up. Our well-trained educators ensure that what is learned in elementary school is continued throughout Apollo After School in a fun, meaningful way. The humanities-based wellness and academic program we have is evaluated frequently, and each quarter new programs are offered.

No matter your program selection, your children will experience unrivalled, fun programs centered around building their character, confidence, creativity and conditioning. Even more, this will all happen in the familiarity and security of their own school!

What Happens During a Typical Day?

Students will start each day with a nutritious snack and time to socialize with their friends during community time. Once they’ve been recharged, they will enter one of our excellent enrichment classes, which you assist them in selecting every quarter. Every quarter the enrichment opportunities change, so new things are always available to be explored. After their enrichment session, you may either pick them up, or let them stay for Extended Day, which ends at 6 p.m. Activities offered during Extended Day include reading and homework, indoor and outdoor fitness, art and free play. After a while, you will notice that your children will want to stay longer when you come to pick them up.

Will Children Be Able To Finish Their Homework?

There are two opportunities for students to complete their homework in our programs. The first opportunity is at the Homework Area, where your children will not only complete their homework with the help of our educators, but will be offered any help that they need to ensure they understand the work. Our educators will not give them the answers outright, but will always help them solve the questions by themselves and with the assistance of their peers.

Students who pass on the Homework Area enrichment choice, but stay for our extended day program, will get a dedicated 45-minute period to complete their homework and reading. Whichever option is selected, our educators use communication forms to help them keep track of test times, projects and other topics with your children’s teachers.

How Do I Go About Registering and Paying for Apollo After School?

Registration and payment can both be taken care of with a credit card online at apolloafterschool.com. Click on the “Login” button at the top-right corner of the screen to do this.

What if I Only Need Three or Four Days a Week?

You can register for as many or as few days as you need each quarter.

What Happens If I Need to Cancel?

We know that parents and students will sometimes find that classes are not right for them. Prorated refunds are offered for cancellations until the end of that class’s second session. Prorated refunds, with a deduction of $50.00, will be given. After that time period, students are still able to drop the class, but there will be no refund given.

How Can I Contact Someone Directly?

Apollo After School personnel can be contacted directly by families at anytime by calling 855 KIDS ASP. Parents are able to contact their child’s Apollo After School Site Director during program hours via a dedicated phone carried by each Site Director.

Who Are the Apollo After School Site Directors and Educators?

Apollo After School educators are skilled social workers, teachers and college students devoted to fitness and academic enrichment. Apollo’s After School Training Team provides on and off-line training, and our certification process must be passed by each educator before they are able to enter your school. They are also checked on frequently by our Area Coordinators to ensure programs of the highest quality.

What If Your Programs Are Not At My School Yet?

Let us know that you’re interested in getting Apollo After School involved in your facility by filling out our contact form, then contact your administrators to make them aware of us. We can take care of the rest once we know whom to speak to at your school. Schools don’t have to worry about any costs!

Are Discounts Available for Siblings, or If We Use Multiple Days?

Every family with multiple children in a program will receive a 10% discount for every child as long as the siblings are registered at the same time. If registered separately, the 10% discount will apply to all children after the first one.

There is also a significant discount available for families using Apollo After School for several days per week. Though our fees are kept affordable for every family, we still attempt to maintain exceptionally low costs for families who require our program four to five days each week.

When Can My Child Be Enrolled?

We’re always thrilled to have new students joining our program! Children can be enrolled in Apollo After School classes at any time during the quarters, so long as there is space available. Enrollment isn’t available after the second of the session for classes taught by vendors. Attendance will be delayed until Monday of the week following registration if students are attempting to enroll after the end of our online registration period. It should be noted that students are not able to attend a class the very day they enroll in it. This is because our first priority is safety, and the proper communication of enrollment information to our Site Directors and the school is imperative.

Is My Child Able To Switch Classes?

Children’s classes can be changed by their parents by the first two sessions of class. It is possible that there will be a price change if the chosen class costs more or less than the previous one. Changes will not be able to be made for alternate classes after two sessions.