Extended Day Program

Apollo After School’s Extended-Day Enrichment program functions as an enhancement of your existing school’s curriculum. These courses supplement traditional classroom learning and provide opportunities for creative activities, physical exertion and social engagement.

Apollo After School’s Extended-Day program is both a structured learning environment for kids and an affordable daycare service for busy parents. The program is wholly dedicated to assisting the growth and development of children. We promote each student’s social welfare and create a nurturing instructional environment. We integrate elements from the school curriculum in order to facilitate the learning process. Our extended-day program surpasses the offerings and capabilities of other day-care facilities.

The Apollo After School Extended-Day Program

Look what is thisThe Apollo Extended-Day program has several key components. We offer homework assistance, recess time, fun learning activities and group discussions. Students who participate in the designated homework area frequently see their test scores improve. Qualified activity leaders are always available to answer each child’s questions. These professional educators work within the established pedagogical framework of the child’s school, and help children understand their own learning process rather than give away answers.

After completing their homework, the children get to choose how to spend their unstructured play time. They can enjoy the supervised recess period on the outdoor playground or inside the gym. They spend the rest of the evening engaging in fun and interactive learning activities designed to promote creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This balanced approach to learning is essential for continued academic excellence.

Students are encouraged to choose from the available activities, which include:

• Creative Writing
• Podcast Opportunities
• Board Games
• Arts and Crafts
• Reading
• Gym

Customized Care at Apollo’s Extended-Day Program

Apollo’s Extended-Day program is a convenient choice for working parents who need child care in the evening. Other programs are often prohibitively expensive, but Apollo’s extended-day program is competitively priced and conveniently located. Our flexible scheduling options and secure environment accommodates busy parents while also meeting the needs of their children. Our enrollment process allows parents to pay only for the courses they use. Many of the children enjoy these activities so much that they look forward to returning!