After School Enrichment

Apollo After School is a trusted and convenient enrichment and day-care program. Our services are invaluable for parents who are unable to pick up their children when the final school bell rings. Urgent afternoon appointments, ongoing work commitments and multiple school activities can create awkward scheduling conflicts. We provide your children with a fun, safe and healthy educational environment during these critical afternoon hours.

Look what is thisAll of our classes are lively, informative and interesting. Our flexible programming enables parents to enroll their children as much or as little as necessary. Every quarter, parents receive a roster of class offerings. You can select as many or as few classes as you need. Even if you only require one or two days, our services are available to you throughout the entire week.

The afternoon begins with the children learning how to prepare and serve a healthy snack. During this time, they engage in a discussion about the upcoming afternoon activities. The children learn how to communicate in a group, and practice engaging their classmates verbally and respectfully. After this daily afternoon exercise, students attend their enrichment classes where they participate in our dynamic learning programs.

We also provide an alternative for children with more introspective personalities- students are given the quiet space needed to complete their homework or pursue artistic projects. An Apollo educator is available to these children to provide them with the appropriate amount of assistance. If the child is struggling with homework problems, they will always be able to ask questions and get help they need. Our educators are in constant communication with each school’s teachers, so there will be no deviation from your child’s direction of classroom study.

Look what is thisThe enrichment program and homework assistance period lasts for one hour and fifteen minutes. At this point you are welcome to pick up your child, but we also provide an additional program if you are unable to do so. Parents with competing obligations may enroll their children in our Extended Stay Program. This provides continuing services for parents unable to arrive right away, and it keeps children safe and active until as late as 6pm.

Our enrichment programs give children access to many quality after-school activities. You can be proud to enroll your child in any of the dynamic Apollo After School classes.