For Parents

The Apollo After School Program provides an affordable, safe and reliable option for parents with demanding schedules- or for parents who just want to enhance the educational opportunities available during their child’s school day. Our programs also cover the early hours before school begins, providing an extra level of convenience to parents on-the-go!

Students enrolled in Apollo After School participate in enrichment classes, unstructured play time and supervised homework sessions. They also have the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor playground, an indoor gymnasium, a variety of engaging indoor activities and extended learning experiences. In addition to physical and cognitive learning, we also promote social development by encouraging our students to verbally engage their peers with respect. This practice builds each student’s confidence and develops their ability to communicate with others.

We provide a dedicated homework area staffed with qualified educators who assist children when they need extra help completing assignments. Our educators communicate with the students classroom teachers in order to complement their existing curriculum.

Our mission is to promote the healthy development of each child’s creativity and intellectual capacity. Apollo After School encourages academic excellence by engaging children in activities that enhance their confidence while challenging and inspiring their personal growth.