Our Mission and Vision

Apollo After School is committed to creation, expansion, and improvement of existing after-school opportunities for young students through an alliance of quality educators. Our programs develop positive relationships between the community and the children.

Our top four program priorities involve:

  • Enhancing opportunities for academic development.
  • Promoting healthy alternatives to risky behavior patterns.
  • Increasing awareness of career options.
  • Developing social skills.

Our activities and events conform to the core values at Apollo:

  • Providing safe, dependable and affordable child care.
  • Creating a respectful, relaxed and caring culture.
  • Stimulating intellectual and social awareness and responsibility.
  • Supplementing the educational priorities of the child’s school.

Apollo After School offers a variety of activities to integrate the physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of all children. Our programs are designed to enhance their self-esteem and promote creative expression, while helping to build the framework for each child on their path to become a responsible and successful adult!